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At first, the company used the letters of the alphabet to designate the year of manufacture. However, the number of dots became cumbersome when, by 1915, no less than 24 dots, six dots on either side of the crown and 14 dots beneath the words Royal Worcester England, were used.

After they had used up the letters, the Royal Worcester introduced a fairly simple code using dots for the years. So, in 1916, they used a small star with more dots for each following year.

This carried on until 1927 when there were 11 dots arranged around the small star.

When the number of dots was changed each year, the company found it was cheaper and easier to add the extra dot to existing copper plates – this saved the expense and time of creating completely new designs every year.

They used no date codes between 19 and then in 1949 they started on letters again – with, of course, a varying number of dots.

The letter V designates 1949 (and also 1884 tho’ the rest of the mark is was different).

They could include not only the issue numbers, series names but also the designers’ names. Worcester porcelains were made in Worcester, England, from about 1751.A mark designed by Robert Chamberlain, a decorator at the factory, which sometimes included the name , appeared on Worcester pieces as early as 1790.Royal Worcester introduced different shapes to the codes from 1928 until by 1941 they had three interlocking circles with nine dots arranged around them.The shapes included an open square, an open diamond, a division sign as well as circles and, of course, dots.

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