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Kirel said, “Even if Tosev 3 is colder on average than what we’re used to, Fleetlord, we won’t have any real trouble living there, and parts will be very pleasant.” He opened his jaws slightly to display small, sharp, even teeth.“And the natives should give us no difficulty.” “By the Emperor, that’s true.” Though his sovereign was light-years away, Atvar automatically cast both eyes down to the floor for a moment. Then Atvar opened his jaws, too, sharing the shiplord’s amusement.

As the sequence moved on, Kirel opened his jaws in amusement once more. Let everyone, look closely at it,” Atvar commanded.

Not to be outdone in enthusiasm by his commander, Kirel added, “These are recent images, too: they date back only about sixteen hundred years.” He paused to poke at a calculator.

“That would be about eight hundred of Tosev 3’s revolutions.

“It shall be done.” Kirel stopped the flow of images.

Every officer in the command station swiveled one eye toward the image, though most kept the other on the tasks before them.

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