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How to Marry the Right Person Finding the man with whom you will share the rest of your life, educate children and make common plans isn't easy.Challenges will always pop up, and no relationship is perfect.However, it's not very easy to understand whether you can trust your future spouse or not.There are certain signs that will help you to know how to trust your boyfriend.If your loved one keeps secrets and doesn't want to discuss some issues with you or he tells you many lies, then it's a sign of certain problems in a relationship.3.You Feel Safe and Secure With Your Loved One When people marry, they become one flesh, and it's important for them to feel safe and secure together and regrets such as "I wish I could trust you" never appear in their relationship.He believes that a marriage is tough work, and that two people should become one flesh once they've decided to get married.Your second half is sent by God to be your rock and fortress.

Sharing the same values is paramount in any healthy partnership.

Affection indicates that the second half doesn't only say "I love you" but also expresses his love and affection through actions.

He always shows his respect, supports you when you are upset and tired, always listens to you, he is always patient with you and hugs you for no reason.10 Signs You Can Trust Your Future Spouse1.

If you discuss all these important things and are on the same wavelength, then the question "Will we get married?

" doesn't arise because the marriage is a logical continuation of your love.

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