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Endo helped Ansari and Klinenberg navigate the complex story of Japan’s changing relationship norms for .A 34-year-old single woman born and raised in Japan, she said it makes sense why she chose to focus on the identity of Japanese singles and their role in the economy at The New School for Social Research.But the country’s real estate bubble burst in the 1990s, sending Japan into a long period of economic depression and stagnation.Where there once was job stability and the ability to plan ahead, there is now a system in restructuring mode and uncertainty.It’s just that many of those same women say they’re not very interested in sex by itself. Our ruling Ansari said, "46 percent of women between the age of 16 to 24 despise sexual contact" in Japan. Still, the surveys on this question all point to a healthy proportion of the young Japanese population having little interest in sex, relationships and dating, and one survey in particular reflects what Ansari said.

This survey is the only one we could find that asks about specific views of sex.Just one problem for English speakers: The source for the statistic is a survey by the Japan Family Planning Association and written in Japanese.Pundit Fact doesn’t know Japanese, but Kumiko Endo, a Japanese-American academic, does.The funny thing is, among younger Japanese, it is only attitudes toward sex, not marriage, that have changed.In the corporate-centered society that catapulted Japan into a leading world economy after World War II, men would graduate from college with job offers from corporations that offered employment and benefits for life.

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