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The man interested in the young woman would ask for her father’s permission to court his daughter, which would imply that the man was serious about the relationship with future plans to marry her.During this time a dowry would be discussed and set by the father.The wealthy would dress in their best attire, to show their respect and class.Something that Petruchio refuses to do arriving to his wedding in tattered apparel.Being that the woman had to bring a monetary portion of wealth to the marriage, for her husband to have and to help prosper the newlywed.

In this time period courtship was seen as a romantic time period in which ladies of the court would be wood and won over.Now the actual wedding in the play is depicted differently than custom during this time period.During this time, it was custom for the wedding ceremony to occur in church.And so, the Rose had to close soon after, but with the recently renewed interest and development of other early modern theatres, parts of the theatre site have been reopened to the public.I’m not sure if you noticed, but I used several terms in that previous paragraph that might’ve had you scratching your head.

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