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An area that I want to address is a topic that is otherwise whispered about or downright ignored by most engagement teams at accounting firms – dating in the workplace. Fill up your glass, kick back in your chair, and let’s do this, shall we?And what better way to make that fantasy come true, with your partner sitting at the next cubicle or across the room from you?You might indulge in a bit of fun, but before you know it, you’re drowning out your work and missing deadlines.Many things can give you away, and as nice as your colleagues may be, don’t you think they may be judging you secretly?If your partner is someone who’s in a higher level up the hierarchy ladder, any form of promotion, compliment or acknowledgement you get for your work will automatically be credited to them.And by grey area, I mean the “what the hell were you thinking” area. Why it happens – Birds and bees conversation aside, I’m talking about why so many accountants hook up with one another. People talk – Newsflash of the day – your co-workers are a bunch of gossip mongers.On paper, it makes sense – similar backgrounds and interests, close and frequent exposure to one another, the lack of time to spend with others outside the office, and of course your campus recruiting department did a kick-ass job when “randomly” selecting resumés. Again, some of this is due to the “work is my life” mantra.

They can help you better understand your firm’s HR policy and how it relates to your particular situation. Next time you’re out sipping the alcoholic Kool-aid at a partner sponsored “bonding event,” think twice before downing your drink remnants and hopping in a cab with the second year with the nice eyes.Jokes will begin, first subtle and then with no filters barred.Then, out of irrational responses, people may start undervaluing your work ethics and efforts because they’ll assume you have it easy.Non-work related factors – like sleeping your way around the block – can have an impact.If you’re going to date someone from work…keep both of your careers in mind. A lot of factors can come into play – what practice lines you’re in, the possibility of working together, and long-term promotion paths are just a few.

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Sure, your associate seems like a catch – but whom have you compared him/her to? Gossip flies around larger engagement teams when cliques are prevalent – do yourself a favor and head it off from the start of things – DON’T HOOK UP WITH SOMEONE FROM YOUR ENGAGEMENT TEAM.

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