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“Milk” is a slang term meaning help or self-improvement, while “tea” means gossip.Knowing what popular slang terms and emojis mean can help you avoid the embarrassment of asking a new acquaintance what the heck they’re talking about, and it can give you a vibrant, trendy vocabulary to whip out on the fly.

“Word choice is very intimate.” can provide relevant context for online daters, especially beginners, seeking romance or love.

The site has an Everything After Z section where an eloquent team breaks down the hottest trends in the world of language.

If you come across a word, phrase, an acronym, or emoji you don’t know while online dating, you can run it by to bring some clarity to the situation.

Whether you’re interested in regional rap slang or somewhat obscure political jargon, you can read through’s slang section to get a handle on notable words of the day. Every day, speech patterns grow and evolve based on the speakers of the day, so what was hip yesterday may not be so cool today.

Some words or phrases explode in popularity thanks to music, video games, memes, and other pop culture influences, and some slang terms seem to come out of nowhere. does a yearly review of its web traffic, and “love” is always among the top 20 most searched words on the website.

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Some articles focus on particular words, like wife beaters or ghosting, while others list popular slang terms complete with example sentences.

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