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When a couple walks in to my office that are obviously full of contempt for one another and light up only when the opportunity to ‘crush’ the other appears, I cringe.I know if they cannot quickly learn how to moderate this horrific behavior, and to not only stop blaming their partner but take responsibility for their own share of dysfunction, this is not a case I want to take on.However, not judging doesn’t mean I can’t quickly deduce signposts that foretell the future health of the relationship.You still go on adventures together Numerous studies have shown that couples who don’t just keep repeating movie and pizza evenings, but inject new activities into their relationship from enrolling in a massage or cooking class to volunteering for a cause to simply trying a sport together, have a better chance of staying happy than do couch potatoes.Additionally, holding a vendetta is toxic for the angry person as the “blood is boiling” feeling that rises up whenever you think of how you were wronged lead to the “fight or flight” stress response of your sympathetic nervous system which ups your cortisol level and raises your blood pressure.

In many cases, the dysfunctional couple’s union can be saved.You hold onto grudges like a camel stores water Four years after Bill was 40 minutes late to their Valentine’s dinner, Jeannie still holds a grudge.Even though he was stuck in a subway underground with no cell signal.When Karen and John first came to therapy they spent almost all their free time together.Karen would say, “I love John but whenever my friends ask me to come out, I feel guilty leaving John at home with the dog.” John’s response to his wife: “It’s true I love being with you, but I’ve never said you shouldn’t see your friends.” Karen’s reply, “I love being with you too but not John’s social life, it also was up to John to build his own network of activities and friendships.

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If you need to, say, “I need to walk away because I’ll say stuff I don’t mean and I don’t want to do that.

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