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As I’ve written When you invest, you are by definition thinking about the future.

Invest in companies that are solving problems — whether those problems are keeping people entertained (Netflix) or literally trying to save the world from fossil fuels (Tesla).

Known as late onset PTSD, it builds with time and chronic exposure to multiple traumatic stressors and multiple deployments.

Still others, it is now known, had PTSD before they even enlisted.

Invest in companies that make you proud to be an owner.

Invest in companies that will make the world a better place if they succeed.

I’ve let stubborn political beliefs push me away from rational investment choices — like sticking with stocks, which are proven to be the best long-term investment vehicle available to the public — and instead let emotions get the best of me.

Even to the point where I decided to buy silver instead of stocks at pretty much the worst possible time.

And if you have an especially strong stomach and Not every stock you buy will go up.I’d bet that some of the best investments over the next 12 years will be companies behind products, services, or apps that you or your friends know and use today.All investors — especially newbies — should start by looking around and seeing which companies play an integral part in their lives. If you can’t figure out how a company makes money or explain the purpose of its products, you shouldn’t invest your hard-earned dollars.And those statistics are quite daunting: there are 18 suicides everyday of veterans returning from the combat zone, and it is estimated that 1 in 5 soldiers will be impacted by PTSD in one way or another.For many people affected by PTSD, the symptoms of the disorder are unrecognized, simply because they may have been present for so long that those who suffer with it—as well as their families, friends, and co-workers—have come to accept their posttraumatic behaviors as normal for them.

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