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I agree with OP, but not with his number or definition of that as a true pro or his seemingly condescending tone about the situation.

I agree with others that have said if you can live off of ONLY running then you are a true pro (which is probably top 5 in their event.) For those not that level, but close, I preferred the term Post-Collegiate Runner, or Elite Runner (or sub elite really because let's get real - if you are a consistent 64-66 1/2 guy out of school trying to make it in your early years when you might have 'potential' chances are unless you have real talent - you're not making a US road team or placing top 5 in any championships usually, but you're still good enough to get press, win regional races, go to USA road races, help faster teammates who may be closer, or win prize money and maybe get some help from a post-collegiate team, but you're not truly elite or fully paid), but elite is easier to say or explain to people who like running , are fans in the community, but not fully in know of what truly elite is.

FROM merriam-webster -engaged in by persons receiving financial return -participating for gain or livelihood in an activity or field of endeavor often engaged in by amateurs So if you are increasing your bank account you're professional.

Being world-class in running is definitely not a 15hpw job.Your housing and medical is paid for because you run. Your equipment is paid for because someone feels like you are worth it to be branded. In recent weeks, Illinois mandated a huge increase in the state minimum wage, Pennsylvania's governor proposed to double his state's minimum wage, and New Mexico lawmakers moved forward with a plan to raise the minimum wage there, too.Hiking the cost of labor is a popular cause once again—even among people who've demonstrated in the past that they know perfectly well this is a recipe for limiting opportunity and trapping people in poverty.

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