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The other demographic are always the ones (men and women) who live at the bottom rung of life, in excesses and in addictions.

They are only appealing to each other in producing helpless children to addicted male or female parents.

One subscription or another to sites like Seeking Arrangement or Whats Your Price will reveal there is a demographic of young women 18–25 and those 25 to 50 that are looking to be ‘compensated’ for the excesses they demand of men in record numbers of being ‘kept’ women or in Sugar Daddy relationships that include Sugar Mommies for Sugar Babies. To be of equal or greater career position in life.3.

My main reason for not considering women my age to date (to just get an introduction to date) is how many are online in personals (profiles) but do not respond (for whatever reason) in the ego boost they have of getting responses but choose (in a duck, duck, goose laundry list) why NOT to consider a male who responds for long laundry list of unrealistic expectations a male has to be on 100% of her list. To be of equal or greater income position in life.4. There seem to be too many reasons for successful women to NOT have a mate (and settle for their SEX AND THE CITY dalliances with men in free love temporary sex) than to marry below their status for what could be happy relationships.

Fischer in her book THE PRINCESS DIARIST stated she wondered often why she had so many male admirers of her in her late teens to twenties when she thought she was the same woman in her 50s to 60s. ” The fact is that Fisher had led such an excessive life (aged prematurely by drugs) and bouts of weight gain/loss/gain that they are not attractive to older, same age or younger men. Who wants to live with such entitlement and excessive demands?

Truth is there are a plethora of men, single men, willing to date men, in normal life, in what used to be the Middle Class of America that are out there and interested in establishing and maintaining a good relationship.

She’ll regret it for she in her 40s may be able to date and live a life of excess as a workaholic but there will be few if any to come home to and celebrate they share a daughter and grand children.

Radio career, that turned into television career, that morphed into Corporate Communications and then displaced by economic bubbles and technology shifts of the early 2000s to take under-employment for a decade before a transition to two other growing fields in the 2010s. What I am beyond a person appeals to them: stability, focus on them, good dual incomes, property ownership, lack of debt, faith based commonalities.

May-December relationships that are not that uncommon if not mainstream. The reverse terminology for older women with younger men. Look at the pitfalls to those like Demi Moore (54) Ashton Kutcher (38) and the pitfalls of the third spouse (the ex) so involved in one’s life (as Bruce Willis (61) that had been the older man to Moore’s second marriage (first to Freddy Moore then 12 years older than Moore). Most of the women I dated in my teens to twenties and thirties were working towards or in careers where they postponed marriage (and having children) in preference to jobs and careers. The few who were not came from bitter divorces (vowing to never marry again).

Is it just sex or is it a deeper programming in our minds and emotions? A very small few wanted to marry (and I should have married one of them).

I have one friend who in his late 40s with a grown daughter (married) was left by his wife two years ago.

She wanted it all and advanced her career (to New York) of which he was willing to relocate with her but she determined He was not someone she wanted with her.

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Its easy to see how those men (who wanted to live a more normal life) chose to divorce and select younger women with fewer expectations and demands. The stereotyped male in a ‘mid-life crisis’ these days are those over extended and working themselves to early deaths for wives who are either also workaholics or over demanding of their lifestyles.

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