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If that is not enough, there is a post on the Expatica site about the guy who asked his dating partner for her friend's number. The women at least are, according to numerous well-placed sources, great lovers and kind souls to boot. "You have to bear in mind that there are cultural differences and misunderstanding can easily arise when dating someone new.

Another one tells how a guy who "forgot" about his significant other when she went on holiday to the UK. You have to have a relaxed attitude and don't expect her to act exactly like the girls back home," says an American philosopher. If the problem comes down to a culture clash, our Expati The Knowledge base is created by answers from the amsterdam forum on The Channels website.

When I came to Amsterdam, I made the decision to immerse in the single lifestyle.

A cocktail date here, a night out on the town there, and a candle lit dinner in between.

For most of my early 20’s I was in a relationship: One for 5 ½ years, the other for two, and the most recent for a year and three months.Pages of posts in Expatica's discussion forums brand Dutch women as rude and aloof.It would seem they wouldn't even nudge a foreign Casanova with a barge poll. Dutch lassies are described as big bummed, hard-nosed, masculine, looks- and money-orientated specimens."It isn't uncommon for a Dutch woman in a night-club to let things get really hot before mentioning casually that she has a steady boyfriend," according to a guy 'who's been there'.On the other hand, forget to make a big fuss about their birthday and you've dug your own grave.

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