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I had a few negative experiences, but, again, those are, perhaps, stories for another blog entry. Phil was from a city about 300 miles away from where I live, but it was a city to which I traveled on business fairly frequently. I am not a "size queen" that is to say I do not choose my partners by measuring their endowment, and I hope my partners feel the same. I was horny as hell and would have liked at least a kiss. ) we had gotten to know each other a little and I was completely comfortable in his presence.I also had a "gum job" and men, let me tell you, if you ever get a chance to get your cock sucked by someone who has a full set of upper and lower dentures, by all means do it. He responded to my internet listing with an e-mail suggesting we should get to know each other better. I'm more interested in the mind because it is a much better barometer of the quality of the sex than mere physical attributes. "Good, you didn't lie." We both laughed and shook hands. I don't know what I had been expecting, but this was not it. I should say that my dealings with other races had, to this point, consisted almost exclusively to a few friendships with Native Americans growing up near a reservation, and some acquaintances in college from the "Black Student Union." "Just no? Not every white man automatically stereotypes every black man as a thug or a criminal." "Touche." He got up and we began to walk back to where we had started.It was a regional hook-up website in the early days of such things.I had, as I said, just re-discovered my interest in sex with men.Yes, you must fight racism now with your might, so that your kids with (a brotha) that Black man will not always be judged by race, but by the content of their character. Help Henry tell a great story in The Philippines this year. He was gay and I was newly reborn as a bi-sexual man.We exchanged a number of e-mails over the next few days and, as it happened, I was about to spend a week in the city where Phil lived. " I don't care who you are, if you are meeting someone for the first time and suddenly discover that they are of a different race, you WILL react. He gently took my arm and steered me in the direction of a walking path along a lake that bordered the University. He had been pointing out various places along the trail that he identified as cruising spots.We agreed that we should meet to see if we wanted to take things further. I turned and saw a well built man of medium height and about my age, or so it seemed, broad in the shoulders, and solid throughout. He must have seen something in my face, though I tried hard to keep my expression as neutral as possible. I should mention that this meeting took place at night. I was new enough to the game at that point not to completely understand what he meant.

We'll leave that discussion for another blog entry, shall we?

Let’s get to the question: Why do White Women Love, Dates, or Married Black men? You don’t get an honorary Black card, black membership, or Black pass. It’s not to overstep or silence Black people who have a voice or act as if one knows all about “BLACK-AMERICA,” all just because one is sleeping with a (brother) brotha.

If one throws this question at the (Black women) sisters, you’ll get some of these answers:1. For if you don’t speak up now, yes, your bi-racial babies with that Black man will face racism and some form of discrimination in their lives.

Time after times, we are here, those realities never go away, and will not, until the end of times. “Race” before “character.” Flawed ideologies, but yes, White women, and as a mother of bi-racial children, which of course you will be, it would be your duties to protect them, love them, make them proud of being uniquely partly White and beautiful partly Black.

Never put them into a fixed narrative of being one thing, while they are beautifully unique.

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