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The Cell Validating and Cell Validated events will be fired when the edited cell is losing the focus.You may take a look at our online documentation for further reference on the validating events and the way a validation can be performed.However, looking at your screenshots I see that you have a quite complex scenario, and it is possible that there is something specific which causes the reported issue.

However, I realised that because they also were starting from the left most column and typing some data then hitting the Enter key to move to the next column of the same row it was causing strange behaviour.

void Validate Row(object sender, Data Grid View Cell Cancel Event Args e) { Data Grid View tmp DGV = ((Data Grid View)sender); try catch (Index Out Of Range Exception ex) If i debug this code and step through it i can see that when i have finished editing the new record and hit enter the row validating event handler fires. The row validating event handler then fires a second time and this is when the exception is thrown.

I can catch the exception and it would seem that the row is successfully added to the datagridview however I'd like to know what it is that is causing this behavior.

How do you get the Rad Grid View to do Row Validating only when the focus is about to go to another row?

Thanks, Rob Hello Rob, Basically, the Row Validating event will be fired on committing the editing when you are trying to go to another row.

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