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I am easily enthralled by a variation of style, discussion, culture and cuisine, to name the broad.I like to think that I am this way because I am a naturally curious individual, with an ability to catch the beauty in everything and everyone.Perhaps it is a collection of all these existences and more.These articles with their statistics and factual data did little to none to surprise me.I enjoy dabbling in the new and the different, and this especially rings true in my dating life.Growing up, I have always found black men attractive.Only 10 % of respondents cited a structural explanation, lack of familiarity, or contact, as the reason they excluded blacks as possible dates.

Then, I began to understand that I was just not meant to have those certain traits, but that did not mean that I was not beautiful. I do not have to worry about applying liner to achieve fuller lips.

One day, while riding my bike, I lost control and welcomed hard concrete.

My crush saw the entire thing and rushed to my aid.

Black women were more highly excluded than black men and more excluded because of their perceived aggressive personalities or behavior and physical attraction.

Black men were more excluded because of social disapproval.

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