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Gairanod was horrified to hear that tens of thousands of children in the Philippines between the ages of 7 and 17 work in the business, and that about 750,000 customers are online worldwide at any given time.But then she felt almost relieved when she realized that the problem wasn’t confined to Cordova.

In many cases, though, adults don’t see anything particularly objectionable about posing in front of the camera.The women do the laundry and cook rice over sooty fire pits.Scruffy dogs, some that hardly seem alive, lie beneath the trees.City officials are fighting back in an attempt to prevent sexual exploitation from destroying a generation.Behind the closed door of her office, Angeles Gairanod is sitting in front of her laptop, replaying the video that changed everything in her small city. Three minutes into it, their mother appears in the picture and also engages in acts of sexual abuse with her children.

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Every morning at 10, she arrives in her office at the town hall, a large, beige building with a health clinic, offices for the town’s three social workers and a 78-year-old mayor who delegates all the work to Gairanod.

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