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Of course, you can also use an existing angular-cli project.To create a new project, we are going to use the angular-cli.

So let's make all of our fields required like this: Now that we have talked about the first use-case that comes to mind, let's talk about the second one: email address validation.

I’ve added a companion repo on Github for this article, if you’d like to code-along. A recent article, Structuring Our Styled Components, describes helpful patterns for keeping your components manageable. This immediate failure feedback is incredibly helpful for pinpointing the issue.

It’s challenging to remember context after making large changes. One of the strongest criticisms against snapshots is unclear intent, and that’s a fair critique.

This obscurity can lead to frustration and tempt you to blow away the snapshot. Keep in mind that you can minimize this frustration by following the previous two tips.

Jest also has a built-in test coverage functionality.

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