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Another quick way is to choose Edit The Channel selection list shows you which tracks will be exported to individual audio files.

So, let's say you want to export every track to it's own audio file and send it to a Mastering House to professionally master your project, or even export tracks to individual audio files to back up your project, here is where to do it.

Cubase can export to all the most popular file formats and some.

From the File Format drop down menu choose the file type you wish to use.

True, it is often perceived as bringing music production to the masses and perhaps is even accountable for the term 'bedroom musician'.

This may be useful if a Pro Tools (or other DAW) engineer requests it.

Finally, you can choose how you want your mixdown audio file to be dealt with by Cubase.

If you want to export each track to its own audio file, click on the Channel Batch Export checkbox , uncheck the Stereo Out and enable the checkboxes for the tracks you wish to export. Simply click and type into the two areas in the top right of the window.

You can use the drop down menu as shown in the picture to choose a location other than the Project's audio folder if you wish.

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