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It is a securities fraud if one falsifies books and records.It is a securities fraud if one presents financial statements that dont comply with accepted accounting principles. The major stock market scandal is to do with backdating of stock options.More than 100 probes are on, involving scores of companies, including reputed firms like Apple.It estimates that as many as 2,270 firms, or 29.2% of the sample, manipulated grants to top executives. The fraud is that these cases have not included full disclosure to shareholders, payment of extra applicable taxes, and earnings statements that reflect the modified grant dates.Why did the Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) law not change things After SOX took effect in August 2002, companies were to report stock option grants within two days.How does backdating help A stock option holder has the right to buy shares in the future at a fixed strike price, normally set as the market price of the shares on the date the option is granted.Scores of instances have been discovered where options were awarded on one date, but the grant date was set at an earlier date to precede a rally in the shares, locking in profits for the option recipient. These tend to align employees' interests with those of the shareholders.

Clause 25 of the Listing Agreement states that in the event of the company granting any options, it will promptly notify the exchange of the number of shares covered by such options, of the terms thereof and of the time within which they may be exercised.

The shares increase in value and the options are worth more.

Here, one has insider trading and an accounting issue.

There is bullet dodging too, in which the dates are set to follow a negative announcement.

What is the extent of such misuse in India For one, stock options are popular here too; firm data filed with NSE reveals that during May and June 2006, as many as 55 companies granted options valued at over Rs 360 crore.

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