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There's the rapper Mod Sun, who is across town awaiting a delivery.

But Gino is media-savvy enough to know that he can't say that, out loud, to me.

A scruffy dispatcher takes an order over the phone and watches his drivers, car-shaped dots on a computer screen.

A waiting delivery guy does halfhearted pullups from a bar hung in a doorway; another employee packs weed into white paper bags. No, he's just bitching about getting stiffed on a tip like some righteous Domino's driver. Second guy has a 0 order, and he tells me, ‘Hey man, enjoy your Friday, have a nice day, man.' Fuck!

SPEEDWEED' S HOLLYWOOD dispatch center is the biggest of its seven outposts, but it's still just a snoozy three-room bunker overlooking L.

A.'s traffic-choked 101, with dingy carpeting held down by used furniture.

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Gino also cites a recent study from the UK that showed cannabinoids attacking cancer cells in mice.

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