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Please allow your child to discover themselves, even if that leads to dating disappointments.

If anything, I really think it helps establish high standards. Anyone who is worthy of your companionship will accept you. You may have to “strike out” a few times in the dating scene before you succeed. Remain optimistic no matter the obstacles, and the results you want will manifest quicker than if you wallow in sadness.

Anyone who knows me knows I love my quiet time alone (you can probably find me binging on Netflix) and casual wine nights in.

According to much of society, disabled people are undesirable and therefore can never be “dating” or partner material. As someone with cerebral palsy myself, I think I can tackle this subject with some firsthand experience!

It can be frustrating to see your teenager struggle in the dating world if it happens, but it’s important to allow personal growth at this crucial time of development.They all have said that CP is really a non-issue for them.It is funny thinking about how I was treated, because I am now realizing there may have been some level of self-sabotage on my end, which ultimately led to some dating demises.One of the biggest misconceptions about people with disabilities is that they don’t have the social skills to understand what love truly means, or they don’t want to have a significant other. People with disabilities have the same desire as anyone else to have a relationship. I’ve dreamt of the day I would get married in the Smokey Mountains of Tennessee and ride off in the Gen.Lee from the “Dukes of Hazzard.” My experience dating in society with a disability has always been challenging, but I didn’t want to just share my experience with dating; I wanted to bring awareness to dating with a disability.

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