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Jones, however, later said that Viall was merely a friend who provided her with inside scoop on the franchise.It's a pair made in ABC primetime programming heaven (even if their romance didn't actually play out on primetime).Though, Hadid certainly wouldn't be the first celeb to show some flirtation with a someone from ABC's reality mega-franchise. One of the charms of watching escapist reality television, especially of the competition variety, is imagining how you might navigate the show as a contestant your show.People who have never touched a needle and thread in their life watch knows not only exactly what their drag name and opening entrance line would be, but also dreams up their own fantasy runway wardrobe.She and her boyfriend Robert Maltby were attacked because they were dressed as Goths.

His excruciating camp innuendoes and constant attempts to impress by using long words which he doesn't really understand himself are really irritating.

Like most of them she has very clear and totally unrealistic ideas about what she wants in a partner, vastly overrating the power of her fame to compensate for what is otherwise an almost total lack of anything to offer.

For the first few shows her distaste at not being offered a hot billionaire was written all over her face.

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So it tracks that religious watchers of dating shows can't help but imagine what would happen if they struck up a bit of a romance with their favorite contestant. Those stars, however, are not just like us in that not only are they well connected (and concentrated in Los Angeles, where so many ex-reality stars tend to move), but assuredly any DM drop attempts they make aren't ignored.

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