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For this pretty handmade card, you'll need glitter, glue, watercolor paints, cardstock, and a marker.

Here's what to do: This stunning two-toned watercolor heart card is perfect for anniversaries and other special events where you need to show your love.

Download one - or more - of these free printable love cards to give to your sweetie.

They're sure to bring a smile to his or her face and help reinforce how much you care.

Use it to take your relationship to the next level by telling your love how you truly feel. Like sunshine on flowers, like light flashing on jewels, like thunder and lighting, filling the hot summer sky, my heart bursts with love for you." It's up to you to decide how to get the card you choose into the hands of your loved one.

You could leave the card in your sweetie's suitcase before a trip, so that he or she finds the happy message when unpacking.

You could easily attach them to his favorite coffee mug, car keys, wallet, etc…!

I know you are going to love all the creative possibilities of these printable birthday cards.

Wherever you leave it, you'll be strengthening the loving connection between you and the one you love.

You can simply print and go when you are in a pinch OR spend a bit more time crafting the best birthday gift ever.

This year will surely be a unique & unforgettable birthday!

The card reads, "As you read this, love, the thought of you is filing my mind, my heart, and my soul with the joy of us.

Hurry back to me darling." Life can get in the way of romance sometimes.

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With the help of our amazing designer, Courtney of All Things Bright and Beautiful, we’ve put together birthday printables to help YOU make this a birthday he won’t soon forget!

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