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Such a claim may suggest that this is the return of the frenzied rush of Fuzzy Logic, which isn't exactly true, because after a flurry of hooks at the outset -- "Run-Away," "Show Your Hand," and even the cleverly tossed-off opener, "The Gateway Song," all hold their own with "God!

Show Me Magic" and "Herman Loves Pauline" -- the record settles into softer territory, trading on the lush Beach Boys, Bacharach, and ELO of their turn-of-the-century records.

“This is our Jekyll and Hyde moment,” Bunford explains.

Whilst searching for the sound that shines Into the night into the night into the night She blew my mind up by remote control Where my ears are you'll see a hole: Take a look inside And we will fly into the night On the horizon we can hear a noise Coming at us with an ancient poise Proffesorarus come and teach the sound That shines in a light Into the night Into the night Shine!

As accomplished as those albums were, they found SFA losing their divine gift of suggesting that anything could happen, the very thing that made their first four albums so divine.

While they didn't get as overstuffed and lethargic as Mercury Rev or Flaming Lips did when they turned all serious -- an impish sense of humor always pulsated underneath their music -- Super Furry Animals did turn a bit ponderous, which made the relative levity of Love Kraft welcome even if the album was uneven, but that warm, hazy record in no way suggested the full-fledged return to pop power that is 2007's Hey Venus!

shine through the milky way Blind me by ricochet Shine through the milky way Shine!

Back with a new venture entitled The Pale Blue Dots, consisting of himself and composer Richard Chester.

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