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Within this cycle, radioactive carbon-14 is continuously created and disintegrated. Since the total amount of carbon on the Earth is constant, a constant ratio is established between the amount of stable and radioactive carbon.

This same ratio is valid in all the reservoirs of carbon in this giant cycle.

Radioactive carbon-14 atoms rapidly mix and become uniform throughout the atmosphere.

Deep oceans, the biosphere, and carbonate rocks are giant reservoirs of carbon and with the addition of the atmosphere they constitute the carbon cycle of the Earth.

The remaining half decays in the following 5,730 years and only a quarter of the first amount remains.

Each carbon-12 atom takes up two neutrons and is converted into a radioactive carbon-14 atom.

Actually, many reasons were found to refute the validity of this assumption.

The most important ones are explained below: Changes in the Earths magnetic field are believed to be responsible for long-term deviations in radiocarbon dating.

By investigating the orientation of magnetic minerals in ancient rocks, geologists have proven that the magnetic field surrounding the Earth has not been constant throughout the time.

Today, it is widely accepted that both the strength and direction of the Earths magnetic field has changed.

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