Cabin crew dating

Guys almost always either ghost or crack under the pressure.

Perhaps they’re immediately intrigued and fascinated by our lives but then sober up quickly once the realities of the job emerge.

Infidelity can be an issue in any profession, but it seems those in the airline industry are especially branded by the public, whether there is reason for it or not. My friend Eloise once recognized a passenger on her flight that she went to college with.

They chatted and flirted during the flight, and as soon as Eloise was leaving the plane, her phone lit up with his text. They travel together and work to make their schedules coordinate, and she is absolutely head over heels in love.

After telling him her schedule of flying 15 days out of the month, however, he decided that it wouldn’t work out.

And it wasn’t even the first rejection because of the job: another guy said her schedule seemed too “hectic,” and yet another told her, “with your job I don’t know if I could trust you.” What exactly are they so afraid of?

For her, our jobs are the best way to weed out the guys who aren’t ready for what we have to bring a relationship.

She’s the breezy beauty going to Athens tonight, constantly meeting celebrities on the JFK-LAX flight, or running a marathon in Hawaii just because the weather in New York is gray. “I met a guy through a friend,” another flight attendant, Kia, tells me. I would bid for Dallas layovers and try to fly down as much as I could on my off days.

All this and more, glossed up in perfect red lipstick and heels, strutting down the runway with a smile. Things seemed great, considering, but the last time I flew to Dallas, it was the last time I ever heard from him. You’d be shocked to know she has any dating troubles.

Read below and find out 11 key facts about what makes us tick and how to win our hearts, mind and soul.

We do small talk for a living; we don’t want it when we get home. We smile when that passenger sitting in 5H just snapped his fingers at us.

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If you’ve ever wanted to date a flight attendant, know that we take dating to new heights (literally).

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