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It is known that there are serious problems in relating C-14 dates in ancient Israel to the established ceramic, epigraphic, and historical chronologies (Levy, T. Even if there were no issues with C-14 dating, the samples coming from charcoal in a burn layer may be from burned wooden beams cut from trees that were harvested over 100 years prior to their destruction.Quality wood in ancient Israel was rare and expensive, usually imported from the forests of Lebanon, and thus often reused again and again until it was rotten, broken, or destroyed.Overall, the C-14 dates from the destruction of the Bronze Age city of Jericho range from as high as 1883 BC to as low as 1262 BC—a range of over 600 years. “Introduction: Radiocarbon dating and the Iron Age of the Southern Levant: Problems and potentials for the Oxford conference,” in The Bible and Radiocarbon Dating: Archaeology, Text and Science. and Bronk Ramsey, C., “C14 Dates and the Iron Age chronology of Israel: a response,” Radiocarbon, 50(2), 2008: 159-180).The archaeological dispute is only divided by about 150 years. This is why dating by means of ceramic typology (pottery) is still the primary and most trusted method in the archaeology of this region in the ancient periods.Per tre giorni, Trieste Next animerà la città con un ricco programma di eventi, dibattiti, conferenze e workshop, e vedrà la partecipazione di autorevoli personalità del mondo della ricerca scientifica, dell'impresa, delle istituzioni e del giornalismo (per maggiori informazioni,

Grain samples should be much more reliable in terms of their harvest date, but as one can see from the Jericho samples, the ranges given are not nearly specific enough to settle a debate between a destruction layer dated to either 1550 BC or 1400 BC.

The dates given from the two samples were 1347 BC /- BC /-91, giving an overall range for these two C-14 dates as 1688-1262 BC (Marchetti , Nicolo and Nigro, Lorenzo, eds. The first of these dates fits roughly around the proposed 1400 BC destruction, while the other is closer to the proposed 1550 BC destruction.

Yet, again these dates are so broad that they are useless in contributing to solving the problem for the date of destruction.

Studying the material remains of past human life and activities may not seem important or exciting to the average Joe unlike the biological sciences.

But archaeology’s aim to understand mankind is a noble endeavor that goes beyond uncovering buried treasures, gathering information, and dating events.

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Anthropologists can describe a people’s physical character, culture, and environmental and social relations.

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