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Taking things nice and slow, and just enjoying each other's company.I just wish I could have found this beautiful lady years ago. If you see a deck was produced by one of these companies, you know it was produced prior to the acquisition date.However, you must keep in mind that much of the time a company's name was used many years after it's acquisition.We met for coffee a few weeks later and we really hit it off.We've been dating for a month now, we get together every weekend and I cook dinner for her, we go riding or just hang out and relax.USPC has acquired many playing card companies over the years.

We sent a couple of flirts back and forth and then we started messaging and that moved to texting.

This can give you a clue as to when they were made.

Not much information exists as to which back designs were produced in which years, however I hope to collaborate more information on this so that it can be made available.

This is most of what I know about dating a deck of cards.

This goes mostly for American decks and especially for USPC decks, but it pertains to others as well.

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Keep in mind that a tax stamp may not be an absolutely accurate way to date a deck.

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