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Another challenge faced by young Sikhs is that they do look different, even though not all males wear turbans and have unshaven facial hair.

However, once a young Sikh initially fails with girls, these two factors play a big part in his thought processes.

As the male is typically supposed to be the initiator, his gender unfortunately gets the harder job; they usually have to do most of the work in order to woo the female.

Because of this, most males typically fail with their initial attempts.

Remember what Malcolm Forbes said - the author of the adage I just quoted? The challenge for many young Sikhs is that they are part of families new to Western culture.

They typically do not have that father figure that went through the same process during their childhood.

The two blades of a scissor meet with the kes in the middle - cutting off all ties with the Khalsa in one, simple snippet.

To those Sikh adolescents that are currently having this self-conflict - you need to deal with it headlong and conquer your feelings.

The implied reason for this loss in self-confidence is because a young Sardar may feel that he cannot attract girls.I myself have had this self-conflict countless numbers of times throughout my life, and have been on the brink of disbanding my identity.It is a tumultuous conflict, and many young Sardars, unfortunately, hastily and erroneously conclude that it is their identity to blame.This father figure is necessary, as a role model and mentor, to teach his children about life's lessons - which include the lesson that most initial attempts to attract a girl are failures.A mother's guidance in this regard is also absent , again, for the same reasons.

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  1. People figured it would say things like, “Just smile more” or “Don’t be afraid to approach women out of the blue” or “Just buy them a drink… Some even thought the Tao system was created to trick women into being attracted to men like some love spell.