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Don’t confuse these self-diagnosis tools with real doctors. The bot itself exhorts the user to book an appointment with a doctor for a diagnosis, and eventually for the prescription of a therapy.The real benefit of these chatbots is the ability to provide advice and informations for an healthy life because some groups of people don’t have a good basic knowledge of health.Ask Cindy Gallop was created by ad agency R/GA to help women learn how much they should be earning as well as tips for how to negotiate a raise.Using data from Pay Scale and a user's zip code, job title, and number years of experience, the bot can alert you to average salaries in the area.Through Facebook Messenger and Twitter, the bot polls people age 13 and up on a variety of issues, ranging from education, sexual and reproductive health, access to health services, and how to navigate legal rights.It then collects and shares the answers with the community, so decision makers can use the data to improve the lives of young people in their communities.Microsoft chatbot Zo now works with the Best Friends Animal Society to help people connect with adoptable pets in their area.

Most recently, Do Not Pay launched an effort to help people affected by the Equifax breach sue the company in small claims court, potentially allowing them to avoid hiring a lawyer.

Ultra Hal is an artificially intelligent chat bot that learns from past conversations, according to its creators at Zabaware. Here is how Amazon’s gigantic, decentralized, next-day delivery network brought chaos, exploitation, and danger to communities across America.

Having two of them talk may result in: mild sexism, communism, and random interjections of trivia. In 2012, she had Brian Williams and half of the internet against her.

The healthcare system is congested and inefficient, and sick people may wait weeks or months for a visit.

In some areas of the world, the basic rules for a healthy life are unknown because of the poor medical information, taboos, or lack of interest from people.

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