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I had mine shipped to me from the States, as did most of my female friends.Birth Control April says: Condoms are available in a few places, such as the drug store at Loufou Center. A quick appointment will result in months of free birth control!Recommended Gynecologists and Doctors April says: The only available gynecologist on island is at LBJ medical center.

Samoans love to talk to you and will ask lots of friendly questions about you and where you’re from. These tropical buses are mainly constructed out of plywood and are each painted with a theme of the driver’s choosing.

Dating Locals April says: It is common for adults to live with their parents and grandparents. Most Samoans are very dedicated to their families, so be ready to meet extended family members early on!

Generally, Samoan men tend to use the phrase “I love you” more easily and quickly than most Americans.

LGBTQ Friendly April says: This is a tricky question.

As a very religious place, Samoa is generally not gay-friendly.

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Some men look for foreign women specifically, and and may be rather forward when they meet you.

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