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"I guess she sort of told me [that she fought for me].

I love her," Tatum said of the actress."I'm so happy she's killing it again and just back on the right." admitted to drug use and suffering from depression. " data-reactid="25""She's so talented and so special. I mean, I think it's so impossible when you start at such a young age to keep perspective.

Here it is in full: @Complex Mag Stop acting like I'm doing something wrong. You make people look bad, stop acting like you know anything about what men like.

I don't stop getting follwed or hit on every place I go.

"I'm sitting next to my parents and I'm like, ' Oh man, I didn't think this through. "It was weird enough seeing the first movie [with them]," he confessed. '""They didn't come see the show, they've seen enough," he joked.

I still might take them up on their offer) get the facts as opposed to talking shit.

A bizarre, kind-of-spellbinding video Bynes posted on her account yesterday is just the tip of the iceberg.

It’s perhaps the most curious case study of self-obsession and self-publicizing on the Internet.

It's tough," he said, referring to Bynes' tough few years, during which she admitted to drug use and suffering from depression.

She's the Man Twitter went wild over Bynes' recent interview, praising the actress for kickstarting Tatum's career with the 2006 movie.

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"I was getting the microdermals [piercings] in my cheeks because she had them. But she does address one of her most infamous tweets from the era, when she said she'd like rapper Drake to "murder her vagina." She still stands behind the sentiment — "like, f*** me, Drake!

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