Am i dating a cheap guy

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If he acts surprised when the day arrives, this is a sign that he doesn’t respect you, which is a major symptom of immaturity.Make sure you're not dating someone who would resort to a "dine and dash" philosophy rather than foot the bill himself.Sometimes you can judge a book by its cover, and if your man's personal hygiene leaves something to be desired, it may not have anything to do with his personal taste.But if he’s not bringing you chicken soup when you’re sick or giving you rides when your car’s in the shop, this is not a guy you can depend on. A man doesn’t care what anyone thinks about him as long as he believes in what he’s doing. No one wants to be a full-on conformist, but we are living in a society, here.Instead of being upfront and honest with you when you’ve pissed him off or hurt his feelings, he just shuts down or finds subtle ways to make your life difficult. If this guy intentionally does the opposite of what’s expected from him just for the sake of being contrarian, that’s a sign of insecurity, immaturity or douche-baggery.

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This guy has an unrealistic and outdated idea of what it means to be a man.

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