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Vincent Van Gogh was a French artist of Dutch descent.

Other songs on the album include "Rich Woman", "Killing the Blues", "Sister Rosetta Goes Before Us", "Polly Come Home", "Through the Morning, Through the Night", "Please Read the Letter", "Trampled Rose", "Fortune Teller", "Stick With Me, Baby", "Nothin' ", "Let Your Loss Be Your Lesson",and "Your Long Journey".Krauss and her ex-husband Pat have a son, Sam Berges.Moreover, Krauss has the custody of their only son and has brought him up as a single mother.Alison Krauss has been rumored to be dating Robert Plant from Led Zeppelin fame. The song Midnight Rider, a hit for the Allman Brothers in 1970, was written by Gregg Allman and Robert Payne. Romantically themed, the poem was considered immoral when written due to its illicit implications of sex among the unmarried. Penny) broadcast commercials further celebrate the American spirit through the vocal collaboration of rock legend and former Led Zeppelin singer Robert Plant and 21-time Grammy-award winner, country-bluegrass queen Alison Krauss with the song "Killing the Blues" from their new album, Raising Sand." Nothing. Robert doesn't want to do the tour because he wants do more stuff with Alison Krauss. They have a son named Sam who was born in July 1999.

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