Advantages consolidating databases

All I had to do was go to each system and update the @@servername to reflect the new name. 14 new SQL Servers to manage and, especially, license. Provisioning is the double-edged sword of virtualization.Since we've virtualized our environment, our server count has increased over 20%.

Make sure you have clear SQL Server install and configuration processes in place prior to virtualization, because you'll be doing a lot more installs.

The second path is whether or not your SQL Server is capable of being virtualized; is it feasible to virtualize your SQL Server?

You'll base the decision to virtualize both on how the SQL Server is being used and the size of your SQL Server.

For either one of these paths you'll most likely need to argue against virtualization as opposed to arguing for virtualization.

This is a general observation, but I've found that virtualization provides so many benefits outside the SQL Server environment that your company has already decided to implement the technology.

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