Accomodating 6

Public support is required in order to reach those goals.

Therefore it is crucial to create public awareness of the necessity, options, and even advantages of the transition!

This fact goes hand in hand with many challenges, including a need for parking areas and housing, especially for students who account for at least 10% of the Leiden population!

ZED Pods are supposed to be completely energy neutral due to a combination of very good insulation, efficient energy use, and a roof fully covered with solar panels.

About 70% of the time the solar panels provide the houses in all the electricity they need, plus that of the charging points for electric vehicles which are located on the parking lot underneath.

Children specially enjoy spending holidays in Đenovići.

Idetravel Agency with Reception provides all assistance you need during your holiday: Accommodation, transport, excursions, boat trips, rent a car, rent a bike, medical / beauty treatments, laundry service, food delivery…

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