Accommodating iol

When your doctor removes your old, clouded lens and replaces it with an IOL, you could enjoy significantly enhanced vision at all distances.

Like many patients, you could even enjoy 20/20 vision or better without glasses or contacts.

As scientists continue to research cataracts and ocular health, we are likely to see even more types of IOLs.

Premium IOLs, on the other hand, correct both distance and close-up vision.If you suffer from presbyopia, and you prefer not to use reading glasses or bifocals, intraocular lenses offer an effective solution.Some doctors also recommend phakic IOLs to correct myopia, or nearsightedness.However, the cost of your IOL surgery will depend on several considerations.The type of lens you choose is the most significant factor when it comes to the cost of your surgery.

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Before beginning treatment, your surgeon will conduct a complete evaluation to determine whether IOLs are right for you.

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