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The other two are for left and right page turns respectively, which feels a bit old-fashioned seeing as Amazon’s ereaders have for years offered the ability to turn pages in either direction comfortably with a single hand, thanks to additional controls.

With the white-fronted casing and chrome rear, it’s a clean design overall.

The Kickstarter-funded Remarkable tablet, being a slate-sized, cloud-connected sketchpad with an e-ink display, harks back to that time when e-ink seemed to be the display option of the future.

And while it’s too expensive, at £579 / 9 (around AU0), and feature-light to wholeheartedly recommend, it’s an admirably novel product that will appeal to the more eccentric, forgiving gadget fan.

One nice touch is that there are slightly-raised rubberized strips on the rear, preventing the tablet from slipping on a table when in use.

There’s also a simple, sold-separately felt carry case for the Remarkable, which includes a slot for slipping the pen into, with the pen’s clip itself sliding out to reveal a compartment for storing a backup nib.

There was a time when the e-ink display looked to be on the verge of becoming ubiquitous in new tech products.

If you currently carry around a number of notebooks for different purposes, the Remarkable can easily replace them all (though apps for other tablets could likely offer a similar range more affordably). There's an ink pen option with three different nib styles, a pencil, a felt tip with three different fill-shade options, and a highlighter.

All the page furniture can be hidden away in the corner for distraction-free work if needed.

With Wi-Fi functionality built into the tablet and a free cloud service included, the Remarkable will back up your notes wherever a web connection is present.

It’s simple, and you’ll quickly be able to navigate its functions upon opening it up.

Those looking for the wide app support of i OS or Android tablets will be left wanting though – the Remarkable serves a very specific purpose.

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Buttons at the top of the interface let you create new folders, notebooks and quick sketch sheets with a single tap.

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