18 year old dating 15 year old okay

But I wish you the best of luck and I hope you are smart enough to kick a jerk to the curb!Im catching stars in the sky because I am fixing the soul within me.I don't know where your from so I can't tell you what laws there are there, but this is typically the case. These kinds of relationships have the potential to develop into something really amazing, but you have to be careful when you're under the age of 18.It will only work out if he wants to be with you as a person and not just for physical attraction.although one thing you said - about helping each other through emotional issues, that can be great but it can also sometimes be pretty destructive to have two people together who are both facing the same problems. most 15 year olds are mature enough to handle a relationship and a 3 year age gap is not very significant anyway. It may seem weird to people now, but next year it won't. The age gap between the two of you isn't that great at all, when I was 15 I dated a guy who was 19 and no one had a problem with it at all.just make sure that you are actually helping each other - not dragging each other down. You can get married almost 10 years apart and after a while it's not weird. In most cases if the person is less then five years older then you then legally no one can say a thing. I don't see a problem with it in all honesty but that is your choice to make.May it be from the heart a girl broke years ago or my soul simply repairing itself as it was shattered on my walk on this earth. I was interested in lads much older; about the youngest I was interested in was 18, maybe 17.May the stardust fill those cracks within my soul making me brand new, but never forgetting who I once was. I never got involved, but it was still an interest and I was still convinced it could work.

And think about why he can't get a girl his own age.Do your parents know about the fact the two of you want to date? Honestly, I think that is the only block in the road.i'd just be careful when it comes to relationships because you said 'i know he won't force me to do anything'.. so just be careful with your outlook on people/relationships.As this could very well be true, it's not true in all cases.15 and 18, to me, isn't as bad as 13 and 18, but regardless of how mature you are, or anyone thinks they are, you are still emotionally and physically 15 and he is still emotionally and physically 18; mental maturity can't change that.In high school, every year, you make leaps and bounds and significant developmental changes, and that's why I see three years as a bigger age gap than if you were, say, 18 and he was 21, or you were 19 and he was 22. Anyway, I think it's probably too much of an age gap.

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